Every  Friday at my school is always doing gymnastics for health. Almost every Friday is also a major problem in sound reinforcement. Then I find information about the mixer berkalitas and has many uses. I found the 16-channel powered mixer is perfect for all school activities like gymnastics, flag ceremony, an announcement and for purposes of the meeting.
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Besides very suitable for the needs in schools with 16 channel mixer is also very suitable when used in offices and for entertainment purposes. When we talk about mixing console in terms of professional audio, we are talking about an electronic device designed to “blend”, “change the dynamics and timbre audio signals,” and also “route”.
As a mixer designed for many applications, and have many choices when it comes to sound processing. They generally come with 16-channel mono and stereo (spread according to the model), I / O options, and high-quality amplifier.

You will get full power as your hand mixer at the end of your life and the show will sound better than ever. Some of this amplifier has a special processor designed and strengthened so that the technology will not only get the performance quality, but you will have the reliability will not pose a problem and that you will use it without worrying about stability.

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